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Remote Work Solutions for Businesses

During the past year, most of the world has benefited by work from home. We have seen a global change in how business is operated. The pandemic has caused the increased need for remote-work. One struggle to provide remote-work options is phone operability. How do you ensure that your employees are able to answer phones from home and know that they are working?

That is where Unified Communications comes to play in your environment. A UC system helps to keep employees in contact with customers and coworkers. Whether you are a small business or a large call center, there is a UC for you. According to our UC partners at 3CX, there are 4 major benefits of remote working.

Benefits of Offering Remote Work

  1. Employees are overall happier and more productive. There is reduced stress levels associated with commutes (or lack thereof). Why not have a pajama day at work (from home) if you didn’t sleep well last night? Employees in surveys have noted that they get more work accomplished when they work from home. For those employees who do not get to work from home, they are looking for companies that do offer those options.
  2. Employees at home reduce your overhead costs. When employees work from home, they use their own utilities and eat their own food. That means reduced costs associated with water, lights, heating & air, etc.
  3. Profits are boosted by happy employees. The Wall Street Journal found that companies who allowed remote work at least 3 times per month were more likely to report a revenue growth.
  4. Attract and retain talent. A popular benefit in the talent acquisition process, work from home benefits are what candidates are looking for these days. Many candidates are referencing the lack of remote work options as a reason to turn down job offers. This also has an impact on current employees in determining if they leave a company.


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