Video Surveillance

“What is a video surveillance system?”

A Video Surveillance System is a system of monitoring activity in an area or building using a television system in which signals are transmitted from a television camera to the receivers by cables or telephone links forming a closed circuit.

How to Choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Business

  • Video surveillance can protect your business from theft, intrusion, fire, flood or burglary.
  • Before you evaluate systems, think about what types of cameras you want, what type of storage you need, and the areas of your business that need protection.
  • The two main types of surveillance cameras are Internet Protocol and analog.

Security is imperative for any business. After all, how can you be profitable if you can’t protect your assets? Video surveillance systems are more intelligent and effective than ever, with cameras that offer computer-like functions such as motion sensors, remote viewing, and mobile notifications. Some systems even contact law enforcement instantly with the push of a button.

Want to monitor activities at multiple locations?
Need to decrease or eliminate theft?
Wish you could monitor (and record) your employees’ behavior at all times?
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