Digium’s Unique Value Proposition

Asterisk is an open source operating system for phone systems. While there are several systems that have been built on Asterisk, Tricom has chosen to partner with Digium for some very specific reasons- primarily stability and support. Digium was actually started by the same team that developed and maintains the Asterisk open source platform. They have more market share and their tech support is fantastic- keys to longevity and customer satisfaction.  Because it is built on open source software their licensing models are simple and less expensive. A Digium user gets all the applications included with  one license- desktop and mobile apps, fax, call recording, call center queues and routing, detailed reporting and IVR. They also have great phones- HD sound and lots of programmable buttons!

Digium is available as both a cloud and premise based solution. Tricom can easily provide a demo at your office or do a web presentation.


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